sometimes i forget…about my new years resolutions

…but not this year!  this year i’ve dedicated 2014 to 5 very gradual and very important changes.

1. learn to be a penny saver.

this is something i’ve always had a hard time with.  my motto has always been “have money, will spend”.  after a couple of decades with this mentality i’m slowly realizing this is not the ideal way to start a new life with someone.  luckily for me (and justin) the company we work for has recently implemented a quarterly profit sharing plan, and are both also juggling an extra job (or two) on the side.  our goal is to open a savings account and deposit any money not given in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck.  so far so good….”new home fund” here we come!

2. tend to your most valuable ASSet.

a new year’s resolution list would be incomplete without healthier living on there.  it has been my experience that quality of life increases when regularly incorporating exercise to your weekly routine.  that being said, it is my mission to dedicate at least three days a week to both weight lifting and cardio, no matter how small or short the workout.  i have found that when i actually put an appointment on my calendar that reminds me of my gym date, it takes a lot of the stress off.  the time has been set aside (no more hemming and hawing about when would be the best time to go), and it is being treated like any other appointment on the calendar- it can not be missed.

3. become a little more like martha.

…no i don’t mean insider trading.  i mean steering away from the same 4 meals that my poor fiance has been forced to eat every week over and over again. (always with a gracious smile on his face and much praise to the cook, might i add)  this past Christmas i was given a couple of great cookbooks that i have flipped through a few times and have more than a few bookmarks sticking out of.  my cookbook collection nearing completion, it is time i got to work.  i will post my successes (and failures) with pictures and reviews of the recipe…stay tuned!

4. read more books.

before this year i have always been a big reader of magazines, news articles, blogs, etc.  but never BOOKS.  i am going to commit to reading one book a month.  i know this doesn’t seem like a large goal, but believe me – it will be huge for me to find the time each month to dedicate to this.  once again, so far so good.  i am just finishing up the book “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. (excellent read, i highly recommend it).  my secret i’ve discovered that’s been helping me achieve this resolution: iBooks.  i have my phone on me all of the time and therefore, have my book on me all of the time.  whenever i find myself waiting around, with a couple swipes of my finger i have both the book i am reading and a digital book store at my disposal.  i know there are purists out there that don’t believe in digital reading (“i like to actually hold the book and flip through the pages.”) that may read as slightly snarky, but it comes from an understanding place…i was once there too.  never thought i’d own a kindle or download an app on my phone…boy was i wrong.  that’s not to say that i don’t enjoy holding an actual book once and a while, but over all the convenience and money saving aspect of digital literature has won me over.  like they say, “don’t knock it ’till you try it.”

5. cultivate my creative side.

this is by far the most important resolution i’ve made to myself.  for the last few years or so this has not been a priority in my life.  big mistake. with the help of my lovely, extremely creative, beautiful mother, i realized that all of my creative juices were sitting in a pool at the center of my body.  stagnant.  thanks to her listening to me gripe and moan (on just about a daily basis) about how i was feeling un-fulfilled and unsatisfied in my professional life, she clued me in.  “you need to let your creative energy OUT!” duh chelsea… so here i am writing a blog.  step #1: complete.  once again – stay tuned for upcoming projects, both completed and in progress.