sometimes i forget to…keep my feet on the ground.

hi everyone…whoever everyone is….

this idea for a blog was thought up during a seminar.  a seminar that i went to on orders from my job.  a seminar that specialized in teaching e-mail marketing.  let’s just say that by the end of the aforementioned seminar i felt like i was ready to ship out to the north pole and try to sell snow to polar bears.  mid-snow sales pipe dream,  i came up with the idea of “the forgetful elephant”.  what i thought would be a line of hand made stationary, coffee mugs, greeting cards…the whole shabang (if you will). my mind was reeling…how could i do this quickly and well enough so that I could work from home and not have to answer to “the man”…clearly they were feeding us some really good coffee that day, because i was inspired.

sometimes i forget to keep my feet on the ground.

after i came down off of my own personal piece of real-estate on cloud nine.  i realized that this wasn’t a bad idea per-se, but more of a long term goal that i could lean into. SO here it is…the start of my pipe dream.  the shifting of my life from one chapter to another.

this next chapter i speak of includes many an exciting venture. a wedding, a potential career shift (laterally, vertically, diagonally, or somewhere in between-still undecided), a home search, and last but certainly not least: an exploration of my creativity.

come along, will ya?

 justin n chels

meet my handsome hubby to be…Justin.  ❤

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