sometimes I forget to embrace my inner foodie…

is your mouth watering yet? (don’t answer that) I’ve decided to do anther follow up post to my New Years resolutions.

let’s just say I’m giving Martha a run for her money lately. (see photos below) I’ve taken to committing at least one night of the week to trying a new recipe that I almost always find on Pinterest.

(do you pin? because you should! and when you start you should absolutely follow me I’ll hook you up with all the fiexins)

anywho- back to the goods. the foods you see below have all been made from scratch (besides, of course, the grapefruit) I encourage you to give this a try as it’s one of the most rewarding, satisfying, treats you could give yourself and your loved ones that are lucky enough to be in the house while you’re exploring your inner Julia.

stepping off the soapbox and into the shower. start cookin’ y’all – and be kind, it feels better.

tuna burgers
chicken asparagus roll-ups