sometimes you just need a little vacation…

it’s about time i share some of my most exciting developments, especially since i have left y’all high and dry for a few months now. justin and i are enjoying our summer stay-cation to the absolute fullest. this week has been one of the most eye-opening, life-having, regret-less times of my life.

i know what you’re can you possibly have those kind of moments in central connecticut. i’m here to tell you- the only way to have these moments in any place is to surround yourself with the people who will allow them to happen.

people and friendships haven’t been a top priority for me for quite a while now, mainly because i was in need of some major healing from some past events in my life. i, unfortunately, learned (at a young age) that sometimes the closest people in your life aren’t always as genuine as you’d hope. i think i’ve been struggling with the fall out of this for years now and have just finally realized the full extent of what it’s done to me in regard to my relationships (or lack thereof) with others.

so now..with forgiveness, time, and a whole lot of support from people i didn’t always deserve it from, i feel like a brand new woman with a brand new opportunity to nurture friendships that i know i deserve. i have a confidence i don’t think i’ve ever had before in my life, and i refuse to turn down any potential that finds itself in my lap. (see below for said potential, opportunities, and friendships) sometimes all you need is a little vacation…

anyway. spread love and open that mind, who knows what’s waiting on the other side.

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