35 things i’m happy about right now…

so i follow this totally awesome, totally inspiring blog. (shout out to ma girl katygracefully)  it’s the only blog i’ve ever followed religiously.  her adventures, health tips, play lists, random thoughts, kick-ass workouts, and mouth-watering recipes keep me coming back for more.  why am i telling you all of this? because recently she posted a list of “35 things i’m happy about right now.”  why did she post this?  because -for some unknown reason- people can tend to be a little feisty during the holiday season and lose sight of how much they have in their lives to be grateful for.  so i’m using this as an exercise to help myself fight off the side effects of the inevitable traffic, questionable family dynamics, and excessive everything that’s to come in the next three weeks.  here we go…

1.  my family. (obviously)

2.  my sexy fiance and out studly pup.

3.  coffee that is keeping me awake after staying up to watch american horror story last night. (holy shit dandy mott….)

4.  my breakfast this morning…seriously, it was that good.

5.  the fact that i’m employed.  (i’ll just leave it at that, as this is supposed to be a positive and uplifting list)

6.  sore muscles from my workout yesterday.

7.  my totally impromptu killer workout yesterday.

8.  the fact that i survived my LASIK surgery.

9.  LASIK surgery.

10.  my almost in-laws because i really hit the lottery there.  (best people you’ll ever meet, besides my own)

11.  my health.

12.  my health again.

13.  my health one more time just for good measure…

14.  the recent realization that my health is the most valuable thing i possess. (besides my family people)

15.  flannel sheets

16.  handmade knitware

17.  christmas lights

18.  fireplaces and the smell they emit into the air as you’re driving by someone who has one lit.

19.  red wine

20.  good television  (american horror story, homeland, walking dead, etc. etc. etc.)

21.  bad television (i will not publicly admit to any of the bad television i am grateful for)

22.  christmas movies….all of them. (even the hallmark ones..)

23.  down jackets.  if you live somewhere that gets bone chilling-ly cold in the winter i highly recommend making the investment…it’s a game changer.

24.  iphones….really ieverything.

25.  elephants.

26.  all of the foods.

27.  spin class.

28.  yoga.

29.  green tea.


31.  my chiropractor, who has saved me multiple times from crippling pain.

32.  my faith.

33.  music.  (especially christmas music)

34.  art.

35.  the potential that tomorrow always holds….

so there you have it folks….my 35 things i’m extremely grateful for right now.

I challenge y’all to do the same so that you have some reference material for when weird uncle jasper is inadvertently spitting food particles at you while he’s talking during christmas dinner….


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