5 jobs that (could) make my heart happy

since i’m at a mental fork in the road in my current employment situation, i figured something fun and (semi)productive to do would be to list my 5 dream jobs…because let’s be honest- there’s a good chance that some of these jobs don’t exist…but who’s to say that i can’t create them some day.  anyways, i don’t even think i’m going to post this but i want to do it so here it goes…

1.  pinner extroadinaire

for any of you pinterest fanatics.  YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  if i could spend all day and night pinning things, and creating vision boards, and creating the pins i pin, and blogging about it….oh boy.  look out world, i’m about to take you over and smother you in my creations.

2.  etsy shop owner/creater

now this one is definitely doable, and might i add- in the beginning stages.  starting in 2015 i am planning on building my inventory and making the dive into the world of etsy.  now why have i waited until now you ask…good effing question.  i blame it on my rational side that says etsy doesn’t provide me insurance, a steady salary, or a 401K. but what i’ve come to learn is that those things are not the creative mind’s bread and butter (so to speak).  creating is.  and so, since i’ve also come to find out my creative mind has grown to be much stronger than my rational/business mind…the answer is quite clear. #etsyhereicome #staytuned

3.  taste tester

if you can sit there and tell me that you’ve never volunteered your services as a taste tester to either your mom (while she’s making her buttery, flaky, “too good to be true” shortbread cookies), or your grandma (as she’s making her famous ham salad sandwiches) or the server at the restaurant you just can’t get enough of….then i can no longer be friends with you because i don’t need that kind of negativity in my life, ya feel me? i want to eat ALL OF THE FOODS and i want to get paid for it.

4.  yogi/yoga instructor

the obvious choice for a past dancer with a strong pull to move all the time and a strong spiritual practice.  i’d prefer to just take yoga classes all day rather than teach, but something tells me that: a. the pay might not be as good/existent at all, and b. i might not get as much out of it as i would if i were able to share my practice. so i will wait until my insides burst and i can’t bear to not be a yoga instructor for one more minute, and then…..i will become a yoga instructor.  but until that day comes my yoga mat will continue to be my sanctuary.

5. free lance photographer

because who doesn’t want to travel the world and take pictures and get paid for it.  (again…if you disagree i must ask you to cease all communication and move along.)

*DISCLAIMER: ideally all 5 of these dream careers could be combined into one excelsior job, but the author of this blog is somewhat in touch with reality and understands that it would be nearly impossible. (notice the use of the world “nearly”)*

so there ya have it guys, my 5 dream jobs.  go make your list, get it down on paper and out into the universe and then share it with me! i want to read about all of the amazing jobs that i wasn’t able to think of.

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