sometimes it’s best to ask questions…

i’d like to preface this post by saying these words are directly related to a career crisis and not personal issues.

do you ever feel like you’re ready to shed your skin like a snake a rejuvenate a new healthier exterior?

yeah….me too.  and once i’ve decided on something so adamantly it’s hard for me to devote time and energy to anything else.  since a career is something you spend the majority of your life doing, these decisions can’t be made lightly or quickly.  that being said…..

a few things i believe in and need to start acting on:

1. there is far too little time to live life unhappy and unfulfilled.

2. once you decide you want change you must pursue it with as much fervor as you can muster before comfort settles in.

3. always recognize (and never apologize for) the way you feel.

is it really true that if you jump a net will appear?  can anyone weigh in on this saying? i’d like to make the jump sans net- and pray like hell that a net materializes, but my life experience (and parents voices echoing in my mind) tells me not to do it.  right now i have the equivalent of all the ropes to string together something resembling a net, but fighting this internal battle is becoming exhausting and i fear that the theoretical jump is sounding better and better every day that passes.

i’ll take any advice people are willing to give.  has anyone out there quit a job without having anything but their convictions set in stone to fall back on?